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Occupied bed

Identifying and definitional attributes

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An occupied bed is an available bed where there is a patient physically in the bed or the bed is being retained for a patient (e.g. the patient is receiving treatment or is on leave).

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Beds may be available but not occupied, e.g. an 8 bed ward may be fully staffed, but only 7 beds are occupied. Also if a patient has left a bed to receive a different care type and will not be returning within 24 hours, the bed is not occupied.

The Occupancy Rate is calculated by dividing total bed days in a period by the product of the available beds and the days in the period – e.g. if in a non-leap year patients accumulated 33,000 bed days in a hospital with 100 overnight-stay beds, the occupancy rate = 33,000/(365*100) = 90.4%. N.B. Occupancy rates calculated for same-day beds could exceed 100%.

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Occupied bed—hospital in the home care Health, Standard 24/03/2009

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