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Household type code N

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termValue Domain
METeOR identifier:Help on this term351180
Registration status:Help on this termCommunity Services (retired), Standard 27/04/2007
Definition:Help on this termA code set representing types of households.

Representational attributes

Representation class:Help on this termCode
Data type:Help on this termNumber
Format:Help on this termN
Maximum character length:Help on this term1
Permissible values:Help on this term
1Household containing family members only
2Household containing a mixture of family and non-family members
3Household containing non-family members only
4Not classifiable
Supplementary values:Help on this term
9Not stated/inadequately described

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:Help on this term

The classification is based on a combination of the first and second levels of the ABS 3-level hierarchy. This classification differs from the ABS classification in that it seeks to determine whether there are non-family persons co-resident with the person of concern. Care should be taken in making comparisons with the ABS data for Household composition.

If individual agencies need to classify household types at a lower level of detail, they should ensure that the more detailed ABS classification 'Household composition' is used. The lower levels in the classification cover detail on the number of families or the number of household members. Thus, household type is allocated dependent on the basis of the number of families and whether unrelated household members are present (if it is a family household), or the number of household members if it is a non-family household.

It should be noted that only usual residents of a household are considered when describing and categorising households by Household type. Since households are differentiated in terms of families, and visitors to a household are excluded from family coding, the identification of usual residence is essential to determine the household type.

CODE 4     Not Classifiable

Operationally, all households must contain at least one member 15 years of age or older. Any household consisting only of a person or persons all under 15 years of age is coded to 'Not classifiable'. This approach is consistent with that used in the family type classification, in which a family is likewise not defined unless it consists of at least one member aged 15 years or older.

CODE 9     Not stated/inadequately described

Is not for use on primary collection forms. It is primarily for use in administrative collections when transferring data from data sets where the item has not been collected.

Source and reference attributes

Reference documents:Help on this term

Australian Bureau of Statistics. Family, household and income unit variables. Cat. no. 1286.0. Canberra: ABS. Viewed on 29/09/2006

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:Help on this term

Supersedes Household type code N Community Services (retired), Superseded 27/04/2007

Data elements implementing this value domain:Help on this term

Household—household type, code N Community Services (retired), Standard 27/04/2007

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