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Functional stress test—ischaemic and perfusion outcome result

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Element Concept
METeOR identifier:Help on this term349700
Registration status:Help on this termHealth, Standard 01/10/2008
Definition:Help on this termIndicates the result of the person's functional stress test in terms of ischaemic and perfusion outcome.

Object Class attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Object class:Functional stress test
Definition:Help on this termA test performed to evaluate arterial blood flow to the myocardium (heart muscle) during physical exercise, compared to blood flow while at rest.
Specialisation of:Help on this termService/care event

Property attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Property:Ischaemic and perfusion outcome result
Definition:Help on this termImbalances of relative blood flow to the left ventricular muscle tissue reflected through the ischaemic and perfusion outcomes of a functional stress test.
Property group:Help on this termAssessment event

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Supersedes Person—functional stress test ischaemic result Health, Superseded 01/10/2008

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Functional stress test—ischaemic and perfusion outcome result, code N Health, Standard 01/10/2008

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