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Health sector data set specifications

National Best Endeavours Data Sets and National Best Practice Data Sets: Downloadable documents (last updated 24/02/2021)

Listed below are the current National Best Endeavours Data Sets (NBEDSs) and National Best Practice Data Sets (NBPDSs) in the health sector. These links will take you to the metadata sets where they can be download as Word or PDF documents.

Naming conventions

From 2016–17 onwards, the Health Registration Authority decided to re-categorise the health sector DSSs as either best endeavours or best practice. The lists below reflect the re-categorised metadata sets, and also show the change in naming conventions from 2016–17 onward (that is, the change in name from 'DSS' to 'NBEDS' or 'NBPDS'). The exceptions are for those metadata sets which are also endorsed by another Registration Authority, where the Registration Authority is yet to agree to the changed naming conventions.


METeOR allows you to download items in PDF or Microsoft Word 2003 and above. Click into the NBEDSs or NBPDSs, and then click on the link in the top right corner of the page for the format you wish to download. Some metadata items provide you with the option to open/save in long form (which includes information for the metadata set and data elements contained within it), or in short form (which includes information for the metadata set only).

Large File Warning

Some metadata sets are large documents (over 2 MB) and may take a few minutes to download, or may exceed the capacity of some systems if downloaded.

National best endeavours data sets - link to onscreen view:

National best practice data sets - link to onscreen view:


Please note this page is not automatically updated. If you do not find the metadata set that you are looking for, please try the Advanced search in METeOR.