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SAAP Demand for Accommodation National Minimum Data Set

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Set Specification
METeOR identifier:Help on this term336748
Registration status:Help on this termCommunity Services (retired), Retired 01/07/2011
DSS type:Help on this termNational Minimum Data Set (NMDS)
Scope:Help on this term

The Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) Demand for Accommodation data collection is one of three components of the SAAP National Data Collection (NDC). The National Data Collection aims to provide good information about the SAAP to agencies and program administrator to assist them in their work so that services for homeless people can be improved. In addition, the collection aims to provide good information about SAAP to peaks, community groups, and interested researchers to assist in debates about homelessness.

The Supported Accommodation Assistance Program Demand for Accommodation data collection is designed to collect data on the level of met and unmet demand for SAAP accommodation services for individuals as well as groups requesting accommodation. A group of people may consist of a couple, a person with children, or a group of friends. In such cases data is collected on only one form. Information is collected about the number of people who request accommodation at SAAP agencies, which requests are met and which are unmet, and the reason for this.

The Demand for Accommodation data is collected each time a request for accommodation is made at the agency, whether the person or group receive accommodation or not, for every day during the Collection period.

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:Help on this termThis collection is designed to measure the level of met and unmet demand for SAAP accommodation services.
Collection methods:Help on this termThe SAAP Demand for Accommodation Collection operates over a one-week period, twice a year.
Implementation start date:Help on this term21/04/2006
Implementation end date:Help on this term01/08/2006

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:Help on this termSupported Accommodation Assistance Program Information Sub-Committee (SAAP-ISC).
Steward:Help on this termSAAP National Coordination and Development Committee (CAD)
Origin:Help on this term

SAAP National Data Collection Agency Collectors Manual July 2005.

Reference documents:Help on this termSAAP National Data Collection Data Dictionary Version 2 November 2001.

Metadata items in this Data Set SpecificationHelp on this term

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Seq No.Help on this termMetadata itemHelp on this term ObligationHelp on this term Max occursHelp on this term
-Client—group type, SAAP code NMandatory1
-Person—accommodation assistance urgency status, code NMandatory1
-Person—accommodation offer accepted indicator, code NMandatory1
-Person—accommodation offered indicator, code NMandatory1
-Person—contact method, SAAP code NMandatory2
-Person—country of birth, code (SACC 1998) NNNNMandatory1
-Person—date accommodation sought, DDMMYYYYMandatory1
-Person—first accommodation attempt indicator, code NMandatory1
-Person—Indigenous status, code NMandatory1
-Person—main reason accommodation not offered, SAAP code N[NN]Mandatory1
-Person—number of people accommodated, total N[N]Conditional1
-Person—one-off assistance offered indicator, code NMandatory1
-Person—one-off assistance type offered, SAAP code N[NN]Mandatory1
-Person—reason accommodation offer not accepted, SAAP code N[NN]Conditional1
-Person—reason for earlier unsuccessful accommodation attempt, SAAP code N[NN]Conditional1
-Person—referral for accommodation indicator, code NConditional1
-Person—sex, code NMandatory1
-Service provider organisation—organisation identifier (SAAP), NNNNAMandatory26
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