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Clinical intervention

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Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 02/09/2016
ACT Health, Final 09/08/2018
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An intervention carried out to improve, maintain or assess the health of a person, in a clinical situation.

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Health services:

Information about the surgical and non-surgical interventions provides the basis for analysis of health service usage, especially in relation to specialised resources, for example theatres and equipment or human resources.

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Clinical interventions include invasive and non-invasive procedures, and cognitive interventions.


(a) Therapeutic interventions where there is a disruption of the epithelial lining generally, but not exclusively, with an implied closure of an incision (e.g. operations such as cholecystectomy or administration of a chemotherapeutic drug through a vascular access device);

(b) Diagnostic interventions where an incision is required and/or a body cavity is entered (e.g. laparoscopy with/without biopsy, bone marrow aspiration).


Therapeutic or diagnostic interventions undertaken without disruption of an epithelial lining (e.g. lithotripsy, hyperbaric oxygenation; allied health interventions such as hydrotherapy; diagnostic interventions not requiring an incision or entry into a body part such as pelvic ultrasound, diagnostic imaging).


An intervention which requires cognitive skills such as evaluating, advising, planning (e.g. dietary education, physiotherapy assessment, crisis intervention, bereavement counselling).

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Submitting organisation:Help on this termNational Health Data Committee.

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