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List of acronyms used in archived metadata item PDF files

4th March 2005

A number of acronyms are used in the names and text content of archived PDF's. Some of these acronyms are also used in METeOR but some are historical acronyms for committees and organisations. A complete list of those used in the archived material is provided here for your reference:

ACCNS - Australian Council of Community Nursing Services

ANZTC - Australia New Zealand Telehealth Committee

DE - Data element

DEC - Data element concept

Derived DE - Derived data element

NCSDC - National Community Services Data Committee

NCSDD - National Community Services Data Dictionary

NCSIMG - National Community Services Information Management Group

NHADD - National Housing Assistance Data Dictionary

NHDAMG - National Housing Data Agreement Management Group

NHDC - National Health Data Committee

NHDD - National Health Data Dictionary

NHIMG - National Health Information Management Group