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METeOR provides users with different views of its features depending on their assigned role in the system.

The two main roles in METeOR are:

For detailed information on each role, click on the role links. Your role can be changed should your requirements change.

METeOR Business Rules

METeOR Business Rules for Metadata Development specifies the rules with which metadata developers should comply when creating metadata within the Metadata Online Registry (METeOR).

This document has evolved over time as the business rules are refined to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of users and the Registration authorities. For this reason, readers are encouraged to refer to the latest version of this publication.

This document also forms the basis of the online help provided within METeOR. This help can be accessed by clicking on the information icons Information/pop up help icon located throughout the site or via the Help tab on the top navigation bar.

The latest version of this publication can be found using this link: