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Object class specialisations

An object class specialisation exists when an object class (known as the parent object class) has one or more sub-type object classes (known as child object classes). An object class specialisation describes:

  • The object class which is the parent object class
  • The object classes which are the children object classes

Object class specialisation example

Figure: Example of object classes organised by object class specialisation.






Persons, party groups or organisations who are part of the health and welfare systems

life buoy


Life event

An instance of an event which occurs to or with a person during their life.


Group of people

Person/Group of persons

Sub-types people and groups according to whether they involve one or more people.

Circle with head in middle


A business or administrative concern created for particular ends.

Illustrative watch running


Service Episode

A period of time during which a person receives assistance from a
service provider

Persons at a desk

Service Event

Something that happens to or with a party

People standing on buildings


Service provider
An instance of a role that a party, as a service or care provider, plays in an event

World map jigsaw


The act or process of locating or the state of being located

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