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Reason for not providing assistance code N

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Help on this termValue Domain
METeOR identifier:Help on this term270648
Registration status:Help on this termCommunity Services (retired), Standard 01/03/2005
Definition:Help on this termA code set representing reasons for not providing a service to a person.

Representational attributes

Representation class:Help on this termCode
Data type:Help on this termNumber
Format:Help on this termN
Maximum character length:Help on this term1
Permissible values:Help on this term
1Service not offered by agency
2Person not eligible/wrong target group
3Outlet refused service to person/offer refused
4Person or service provider unable to attend
5Assistance currently not available
6Facilities for special needs not available/service inaccessible
7Referred to other more appropriate agency
Supplementary values:Help on this term
9Not stated/inadequately described

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:Help on this term

Record main reason assistance not provided.

More specific categories in the data domain (that can map to this data domain) can also provide useful information at an agency or locality level about service gaps and resource limitations. For example code 6 can be broken up into a number of more specific categories to ascertain whether people are having trouble accessing services due to lack of interpreter services, disabled access to a building, etc. This information can help individual agencies better allocate their resources.

Examples of the above categories are:

CODE 3     Outlet refused service to person/offer refused

Due to inappropriate behaviour or person failed to present and did not contact the agency.

CODE 4     Person or service provider unable to attend

For example, unscheduled staff absence or unscheduled events such as bad weather or electricity failure.

CODE 5     Assistance currently not available

The place, service or resource is not currently available or a waiting period applies.

CODE 6     Facilities for special needs not available/service inaccessible

Facilities for special needs such as disability, cultural, language etc, not available; no disabled access to building; too far away; service not provided in days or hours required.

Relational attributes

Data elements implementing this value domain:Help on this term

Service event—reason assistance not provided, code N Community Services (retired), Standard 01/03/2005

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