Birth—Apgar score (at 5 minutes), code NN

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:Apgar score at 5 minutes
Synonymous names:Apgar score at 5 minutes
METeOR identifier:269989
Registration status:Health, Superseded 07/12/2005
Definition:Numerical score to evaluate the baby's condition at 5 minutes after birth.
Data Element Concept:Birth—Apgar score

Value domain attributes

Representational attributes

Representation class:Code
Data type:String
Maximum character length:2
Permissible values:
00-10Apgar score
Supplementary values:
99Not stated/inadequately described

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:The score is based on the five characteristics of heart rate, respiratory condition, muscle tone, reflexes and colour. The maximum or best score being 10.

Data element attributes

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:National Perinatal Data Development Committee

Relational attributes

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Supersedes Apgar score at 5 minutes, version 1, DE, NHDD, NHIMG, Superseded 01/03/2005.pdf (13.5 KB)

Has been superseded by Birth—Apgar score (at 5 minutes), code NN Health, Superseded 12/12/2018, Tasmanian Health, Archived 24/06/2020, ACT Health, Final 14/08/2018