Injury event—external cause, non-admitted patient code NN

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:External cause (non-admitted patient)
METeOR identifier:269988
Registration status:Health, Standard 01/03/2005
Tasmanian Health, Draft 23/07/2012
Definition:Environmental event, circumstance or condition as the cause of injury, poisoning or other adverse effect to a non-admitted patient.

Injury surveillance:

Enables categorisation of injury and poisoning according to factors important for injury control. This information is necessary for defining and monitoring injury control targets, injury costing and identifying cases for in-depth research.

Data Element Concept:Injury event—external cause

Value domain attributes

Representational attributes

Representation class:Code
Data type:String
Maximum character length:2
Permissible values:
01Motor vehicle - driver
02Motor vehicle - passenger or unspecified occupant
03Motorcycle - driver
04Motorcycle - passenger or unspecified
05Pedal cyclist or pedal cycle passenger
07Other or unspecified transport-related circumstance
08Horse-related (includes fall from, struck or bitten by)
09Fall - low (on same level or < 1 metre or no information on height)
10Fall - high (drop of 1 metre or more)
11Drowning, submersion - swimming pool
12Drowning, submersion - other than swimming pool (excludes drowning associated with water craft)
13Other threat to breathing (including strangling and asphyxiation)
14Fire, flames, smoke
15Hot drink, food, water, other fluid, steam, gas or vapour
16Hot object or substance, not otherwise specified
17Poisoning - drugs or medicinal substance
18Poisoning - other substance
20Cutting, piercing object
22Animal-related (excluding Horse and Dog)
24Machinery in operation
26Hot conditions (natural origin) sunlight
27Cold conditions (natural origins)
28Other specified external cause
29Unspecified external cause
30Struck by or collision with person
31Struck by or collision with object

Collection and usage attributes

Comments:This code list has been derived from the ICD-10-AM external cause classification.

Source and reference attributes

Reference documents:International Classification of Diseases - Tenth Revision - Australian Modification (3rd edition 2002)

Data element attributes

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:This metadata item is for use in injury surveillance purposes only, when it is not possible to use a complete ICD-10-AM code (e.g. Non-admitted patients in emergency departments). Select the item which best characterises the circumstances of the injury, on the basis of the information available at the time it is recorded. If two or more categories are judged to be equally appropriate select the one that comes first in the code list. The external cause - non-admitted patient group must always be accompanied by an external cause - human intent code (see metadata item Injury event—external cause, non-admitted patient human intent code NN).
Comments:This metadata item has been developed to cater for the information requirements of the wide range of settings where injury surveillance is undertaken and do not have the capability of recording the complete ICD-10-AM external cause codes.
Further information on the national injury surveillance program can be obtained from the National Injury Surveillance Unit, Flinders University, Adelaide.

Source and reference attributes


National Centre for Classification in Health

National Data Standards for Injury Surveillance Advisory Group

National Health Data Committee

Reference documents:International Classification of Diseases - Tenth Revision - Australian Modification (3rd Edition 2002) National Centre for Classification in Health, Sydney

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