Birth event—birth presentation, code N

Identifying and definitional attributes

Metadata item type:Data Element
Short name:Presentation at birth
METeOR identifier:269945
Registration status:Health, Superseded 06/09/2006

Data element concept attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Data element concept:Birth event—birth presentation
METeOR identifier:269464
Registration status:Health, Superseded 06/09/2006
Definition:Presenting part of the fetus (at lower segment of uterus) at birth.

Perinatal statistics

Object class:Birth event
Property:Birth presentation

Value domain attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Value domain:Birth presentation code N
METeOR identifier:270618
Registration status:Health, Superseded 06/09/2006
Definition:A code set representing types of birth presentation.

Representational attributes

Representation class:Code
Data type:Number
Maximum character length:1
Permissible values:
Supplementary values:
9Not stated

Data element attributes

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:National Perinatal Data Development Committee

Relational attributes

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Has been superseded by Birth event—birth presentation, code N Health, Superseded 02/08/2017

Supersedes Presentation at birth, version 1, DE, NHDD, NHIMG, Superseded 01/03/2005.pdf (13.6 KB)

Implementation in Indicators:Used as denominator
National Core Maternity Indicators: PI 05-Induction of labour for selected women giving birth for the first time (2013) Health, Superseded 02/02/2016