Indigenous housing organisation—organisation identifier

Metadata item type:Data Element Concept
METeOR identifier:269650
Registration status:Housing assistance, Retired 10/02/2006
Definition:A unique identifier for each Indigenous housing organisation.

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Object class:Indigenous housing organisation

Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation which owns or is responsible for managing community housing.

Managing includes at least one of the following functions: tenancy arrangements, rent collection or housing maintenance. This includes community organisations that have a range of functions as well as Resource agencies and Land councils, provided that they own or manage Indigenous community housing.

Specialisation of:Organisation

Collection and usage attributes


For the Community Housing Infrastructure Needs Survey (CHINS) collection, housing organisations in receivership or liquidation at the time of enumeration were excluded.

For the purposes of presenting CHINS results, Indigenous housing organisations were classified as follows:

  • Urban housing organisation: refers to an organisation managing housing only outside of discrete Indigenous communities; and
  • Discrete community housing organisation: refers to an organisation managing housing in one or more discrete Indigenous communities, with or without housing in other locations.

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Origin:Community Housing Infrastructure Needs Survey (CHINS) Data Dictionary

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Property:Organisation identifier
Definition:A sequence of characters which identify an organisation.
Property group:Identifier characteristics

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Submitting organisation:Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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Indigenous housing organisation—organisation identifier, code NNNNN Housing assistance, Retired 10/02/2006