Establishment—revenue (other revenue)

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Registration status:Health, Superseded 05/12/2007

All other revenue received by the establishment that is not included under patient revenue or recoveries (but not including revenue payments received from state or territory governments). This would include revenue such as investment income from temporarily surplus funds and income from charities, bequests and accommodation provided to visitors.

See text relating to offsetting practices. Gross revenue should be reported (except in relation to payments for inter-hospital transfers of goods and services).


Health services:

In aggregate, other revenues as defined above constitute a significant source of income for many establishments and are necessary to complete the revenue picture for health financing studies or analyses at the national level.

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Object class:Establishment
Definition:Institutions, organisations or the community from which health services are provided. The term establishment covers conventional health establishments and also organisations which may provide services in the community.
Specialisation of:Organisation

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Origin:National Health Data Committee

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Definition:A transaction or event that increases net worth.
Property group:Financial characteristics

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Submitting organisation:Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

ABS 2003. Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. no. 5514.0.55.001) EMBARGO: 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 10/10/2003.

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Has been superseded by Establishment—revenue (other revenue) Health, Standard 05/12/2007

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Establishment—revenue (other revenue) (financial year), total Australian currency N[N(8)] Health, Superseded 05/12/2007