Episode of admitted patient care—elected accommodation status

Metadata item type:Data Element Concept
METeOR identifier:269515
Registration status:Health, Superseded 28/11/2006
Definition:Accommodation chargeable status elected by a patient on admission.
Context:Admitted patient care.

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Identifying and definitional attributes

Object class:Episode of admitted patient care
Definition:The period of admitted patient care between a formal or statistical admission and a formal or statistical separation, characterised by only one care type.
Context:Admitted patient care.
Specialisation of:Service episode

Collection and usage attributes

Guide for use:This treatment and/or care provided to a patient during an episode of care can occur in hospital and/or in the person's home (for hospital-in-the-home patients).

Source and reference attributes

Origin:Health Data Standards Committee.

Property attributes

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Property:Elected accommodation status
Definition:An indicator of whether a person has elected to be treated as either a public or private patient.
Property group:Funding characteristics

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Submitting organisation:Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

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Has been superseded by Episode of admitted patient care—patient election status Health, Standard 28/11/2006, Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 08/09/2016, ACT Health, Final 09/08/2018

Data Elements implementing this Data Element Concept:

Episode of admitted patient care—elected accommodation status, code N Health, Superseded 23/10/2006