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Injury event—activity type

Metadata item type:Help on this termData Element Concept
METeOR identifier:Help on this term269437
Registration status:Help on this termHealth, Standard 01/03/2005
Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 02/09/2016
ACT Health, Final 09/08/2018
Definition:Help on this term

The type of activity being undertaken by the person when injured.

Context:Help on this term

Injury surveillance

Object Class attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Object class:Injury event
Definition:Help on this termAn occurrence of injury, poisoning or other adverse effect inflicted on the person as the direct or indirect result of an environmental event, circumstance or condition.
Specialisation of:Help on this termLife event

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:Help on this termAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare

Property attributes

Identifying and definitional attributes

Property:Activity type
Definition:Help on this termA descriptor of the class of activity.
Property group:Help on this termLifestyle characteristics

Source and reference attributes

Submitting organisation:Help on this termAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare

Data element concept attributes

Relational attributes

Related metadata references:Help on this term

Has been superseded by Injury event—activity type Health, Standardisation pending 15/10/2021

Data Elements implementing this Data Element Concept:Help on this term

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 10th edn) ANN{.N[N]} Health, Superseded 12/12/2018
Tasmanian Health, Archived 08/04/2019
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority, Recorded 04/08/2016
ACT Health, Final 09/08/2018

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 11th edn) ANN{.N[N]} Health, Standard 12/12/2018
Tasmanian Health, Endorsed 08/04/2019

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 3rd edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 28/06/2004

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 4th edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 07/12/2005

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 5th edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 05/02/2008

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 6th edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 22/12/2009

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 7th edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 02/05/2013
Commonwealth Department of Health, Candidate 16/07/2015

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 8th edn) ANNNN Health, Superseded 13/11/2014

Injury event—activity type, code (ICD-10-AM 9th edn) ANN{.N[N]} Health, Superseded 05/10/2016
Tasmanian Health, Archived 05/07/2017

Injury event—activity type, non-admitted patient code N[N] Health, Standard 01/03/2005

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