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Printing web pages

All METeOR web pages can be printed by simply using the print function of the web browser while viewing the page that is to be printed.

METeOR also offers a print-friendly view for each page. This removes the page header, top and left navigation menus and any right hand action options from the page contents to be printed. To print in this format select the Print page Print friendly icon link at the top right of the page located below the top navigation bar and then select the print funtion of the web browser.

Printing metadata items

Users can print a single metadata item from its onscreen view of the selected item. For data elements, data element concepts and value domains, users can choose to print it in either the technical or user-friendly format.

To print more than one metadata item at once, users can download the selected metadata items using the download to Microsoft Word or PDF application.

Read more detailed help on how to print metadata items in METeOR.

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