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How to search for metadata

METeOR provides two tools for users to search for national metadata standards.

How to quicksearch metadata

The Quicksearch metadata box on the top navigation bar can be used to quickly locate metadata items that contain particular terms or text.

To conduct a quicksearch, enter the search term directly into text field provided and click the Go button. The quicksearch will only return results that match the text in either the name or the body of metadata items with a registration status of standard in any sector. The quicksearch tool only searches for data elements and data set specifications.

How to search metadata

The Advanced search tab on the top navigation bar can be used to access searches across all metadata item types with advanced search parameters. Clicking the Advanced search links to the Search registry page and the METeOR search interface.

General users can search for terms or text in the title, in the identifying attributes or in the complete text of a metadata item. The search can be restricted by metadata item type, the registration status of the metadata item and/or the registration authority.

Metadata developers have additional options to restrict the search by. In addition to metadata item type, registration status and registration authority, they can restrict the search to registration status change date and workgroup.

Due to size restrictions, searches for undefined terms across any metadata item type, any registration status and any registration authority are not permitted and will generate a message advising the user to further refine their search.