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Viewing metadata

Lists of metadata items are generated throughout METeOR, including search results, the My items and the My workgroups screens. The names in these lists can be clicked to generate an onscreen view of the selected item.

The onscreen view only displays attributes with an associated value. For example, one object class may appear to be missing an attribute present in another object class. This simply means that 'missing' attribute did not have an associated value.

When viewing data elements concepts, value domains or data elements, users have the option of viewing it in technical or user-friendly form. The default presentation is in user-friendly form.

The onscreen view allows users to perform actions on the metadata item being viewed. These include downloading the item, adding it to My items and registering for email alerts. The actions available are dependent upon the type of user and their access permissions.

Read more detailed help on how to view technical and user-friendly form in METeOR.

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