Finding metadata

Finding the right data standard is important for all users of METeOR!

METeOR provides a number of tools to ensure that users are able to find the item they are looking for:

Quicksearch metadata items

Quicksearch provides users with a 'quick and easy' way of searching for data standards in METeOR. The quicksearch tool is located on the top navigation bar and is accessible from any METeOR page. Users can type their quicksearch term directly into the text field and click Go.

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Advanced searching for metadata items

The search metadata function in METeOR allows users to search for any metadata item type within METeOR. The search can be customised to search for a specific term within a number of parameters including metadata item attributes, metadata item types, registration authorities and registration status. The search function can be accessed from any page within METeOR by selecting the Advanced search tab located on the top navigation bar.

Metadata developers should note that any metadata items created will not be found through the search on the day of creation. Newly created items will be only retrievable through the search from the day after it was created. To find recently created metadata items access your My workgroup page.

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Browsing for metadata items

Browsing for metadata provides you with a tool for 'discovering' metadata items in METeOR. It operates as a simple 'search' that will generate a list of all metadata items for the item type you selected.

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Accessing direct webpages for metadata items

Each metadata item within METeOR has a unique webpage and web address based on its METeOR identifier. Keeping a record of this web address allows users to directly link to the metadata item even from an external website.

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Finding superseded metadata items from the Knowledgebase

All metadata items from the Knowledgebase are now superseded. These superseded items are stored as PDF files in the Knowledgebase archive within METeOR. When performing a search, METeOR does not search this archive. To find metadata items located in the archive, use the search tool located on the Knowledgebase archive page.

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