METeOR could not have been developed without the valued cooperation and efforts of the members of key stakeholder committees. The Institute thanks them for their assistance and insights provided on the design and implementation of the system and the reengineering of its contents.

The original conceptualisation for METeOR was developed by Nigel Mercer of Little Oak Pty Ltd, the METeOR project consultant and the AIHW's National Data Standards and Development Unit.

The innovative customisation of the Sytadel Content Management System into METeOR was undertaken by Dr Peter Bailey, Richard Bennett-Forrest, Matthew Sheppard, Nathan ter Bogt, Chris Cash and Nathan Wallace of Synop Pty Ltd.

Within the Institute, the development of METeOR and its content was managed by David Braddock. The specification and development of system features was coordinated by Heather Logie. The preparation of metadata and web-site content was undertaken by Susan Colwell, Peter Menzel, Shubhada Shukla, Alison Tong Lee and Savindi Wijeratne.

Invaluable input was also received from the AIHW's Data and Information Technology, National Data Standards and Development, Library and Information Services and Media and Publishing Units.