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A property is a characteristic of an object class of interest. For example, the object class Person can have characteristics such as sex and date of birth. These characteristics are referred to as properties.

The union of a specific property with a specific object class creates a data element concept. The above mentioned examples create the data element concepts Personsex and Persondate of birth.

Properties are assigned property groups which group similar properties such as Lifestyle characteristics and Financial characteristics. These property groups assist users in browsing and locating relevant properties.

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Accommodation/ living characteristicsBirth eventClient characteristicsCommunication characteristicsCrisis eventDemographic/social/cultural characteristicsEducational characteristicsEntry into service eventEnvironmental characteristicExit/leave from service eventFinancial characteristicsFunding characteristicsImage MapFunctional wellbeingIdentifier characteristicsInformal assistance characteristicsLabour characteristicsLegal characteristicsLifestyle characteristicsLocation characteristicsMaterial resource characteristicsName characteristicsOrganisational characteristicsPerformance indicatorsPhysical characteristicsImage MapReferral eventService provision eventService/care urgencyTransport characteristicsImage Map

Below is a graphical representation of the relationship between properties and related metadata item types.

Figure: Diagrammatic representation of property relationship to METeOR metadata structures.