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Data element concept

A data element concept is defined as a concept created for the purposes of defining a data element by the union of an object class and a property. Only one object class and one property can be joined for each data element concept.

Within METeOR examples of data element concepts include Person-date of birthand Person-religious affliation.

The data element concept represents the concept for which data is sought but does not specifiy how the data is to be collected. The specification of how the data should be collected is achieved through the union with a value domain.

The union of a specific data element concept with a specific value domain creates a data element. For example the Person-date of birth example mentioned above can be combined with the Date DDMMYYYY value domain to create the data element: Person-date of birth, DDMMYYYY. Alternatively the data element could formed using the Date YYYY value domain making a distinct data element Person

Below is a graphical representation of the relationship between data element concepts and related metadata item types.

Figure representing data element concept relationships to METeOR metadata structures

Figure 1: Diagrammatic representation of data element concept relationships to METeOR metadata structures.