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Aged CareOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
Alcohol and drug abuse is among Indigenous people is overcomeOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed11/09/2012
Community Services (retired)Standard21/07/2010
Assessing for deliriumOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Care at presentationOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Coronary angiographyOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
DocumentationOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Early assessmentOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Early screeningOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Elective surgery accessOutcome AreaTasmanian HealthEndorsed07/12/2016
Emergency Department accessOutcome AreaTasmanian HealthEndorsed07/12/2016
Families and carers are well supportedOutcome AreaDisabilityStandard13/08/2015
Community Services (retired)Standard23/07/2010
Hospital and Related CareOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
National Health Performance Authority (retired)Retired01/07/2016
Identifying and treating underlying causesOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Indicators of effectivenessOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Indigenous Australians achieve health outcomes comparable to the broader populationOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Indigenous children are born and remain healthyOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Indigenous children have access to affordable, quality early childhood education in the year before full-time schoolingOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed01/07/2016
Indigenous children have the same health outcomes as other Australian childrenOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Indigenous people have improved amenity and reduced overcrowding, particularly in remote areas and discrete communitiesOutcome AreaHousing assistanceStandard16/02/2011
Indigenous people have ready access to suitable and culturally inclusive primary health and preventative servicesOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed11/09/2012
Community Services (retired)Standard21/07/2010
Indigenous people of working age participate effectively in all sectors and at all levels of the labour marketOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Indigenous people remain healthy and free of preventable diseaseOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Indigenous students meet basic literacy and numeracy standards and overall levels of literacy and numeracy are improvingOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Individualised care planOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Interventions to prevent deliriumOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Life-threatening conditionsOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Minimising risk of another fractureOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Minimising use of antipsychotic medicinesOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Mobilisation and weight-bearingOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Orthogeriatric model of careOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Pain managementOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Patient ExperienceOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
People with disability achieve economic participation and social inclusionOutcome AreaDisabilityStandard13/08/2015
Community Services (retired)Standard23/07/2010
People with disability enjoy choice, wellbeing and the opportunity to live as independently as possibleOutcome AreaDisabilityStandard13/08/2015
Community Services (retired)Standard23/07/2010
Preventing falls and pressure injuriesOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
PreventionOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
Primary and Community HealthOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
Risk stratificationOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Schooling promotes social inclusion and reduces the educational disadvantage of children, especially Indigenous childrenOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed01/07/2016
Social Inclusion and Indigenous HealthOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
Surgical prophylaxisOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
SustainabilityOutcome AreaHealthStandard07/07/2010
The Indigenous workforce age population has the depth and breadth of skills and capabilities required for the 21st century labour marketOutcome AreaIndigenousEndorsed21/07/2010
Timely reperfusionOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Timing of surgeryOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Transition from hospital careOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Transition from hospital careOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Use of broad-spectrum antibioticsOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
Use of guidelines and clinical conditionOutcome AreaHealthStandard12/09/2016
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