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Health industry relevant organisation—source of revenueData Element ConceptHealthStandard05/12/2007
ACT HealthFinal09/08/2018
Establishment—revenue (other revenue)Data Element ConceptHealthStandard05/12/2007
Establishment—public hospital recurrent expenditure related revenueData Element ConceptHealthStandard03/11/2016
ACT HealthFinal10/08/2018
Housing assistance agency—revenue (other current revenue)Data Element ConceptHousing assistanceStandard10/02/2006
Organisation—revenueData Element ConceptHealthStandard05/12/2007
ACT HealthFinal09/08/2018
Public hospital revenue streams code N[N]Value DomainHealthStandard03/11/2016
ACT HealthFinal10/08/2018
Establishment—recurrent expenditure (other revenue funded expenditure)Data Element ConceptHealthStandard08/12/2004
ACT HealthFinal17/08/2018
Establishment—revenue (patient)Data Element ConceptHealthStandard05/12/2007
Source of public and private revenue code NNNValue DomainHealthStandard05/12/2007
ACT HealthFinal09/08/2018
Housing assistance agency—revenueData Element ConceptHousing assistanceStandard10/02/2006
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