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Electrocardiogram—electrocardiogram dateData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—electrocardiogram timeData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—electrocardiogram ST-segment-elevation in lead V4R indicatorData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—change locationData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—new Q waves indicatorData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—lead V4R presence indicatorData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—bundle-branch block statusData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram (ECG) change location code NValue DomainHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—change typeData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
Electrocardiogram—heart rhythm typeData Element ConceptHealthStandard01/10/2008
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