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Address—Australian postcode, Australian postcode code (Postcode datafile - Tasmanian variation) {NNNN}Data ElementTasmanian HealthEndorsed01/09/2016
Address—suburb/town/locality name, text X[X(45)]Data ElementHousing assistanceStandard01/05/2013
Early ChildhoodStandard09/03/2012
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed01/09/2016
WA HealthDraft23/08/2012
Children and FamiliesStandard22/11/2016
Community Services (retired)Standard06/02/2012
ACT HealthFinal10/08/2018
Birth—Apgar score (at 5 minutes), code NNData ElementHealthSuperseded12/12/2018
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed20/12/2016
ACT HealthFinal14/08/2018
Birth—birth order, code NData ElementHealthSuperseded02/08/2017
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed20/12/2016
Birth—birth status, code NData ElementHealthSuperseded12/12/2018
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed20/12/2016
ACT HealthFinal14/08/2018
Birth—birth weight, total grams NNNNData ElementHealthSuperseded02/08/2017
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed20/12/2016
Birth—head circumference, total centimetres NN[N].NData ElementHealthSuperseded12/12/2018
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed20/12/2016
Elective care waiting list episode—category reassignment date, DDMMYYYYData ElementHealthStandard19/11/2015
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed02/12/2016
ACT HealthFinal08/08/2018
Elective care waiting list episode—clinical urgency, code X[AXAA]Data ElementTasmanian HealthEndorsed01/12/2016
Elective care waiting list episode—listing date for care, DDMMYYYYData ElementHealthSuperseded25/01/2018
Tasmanian HealthEndorsed01/12/2016
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