Building METeOR


The Knowledgebase has been the web-based respository of Australian health, community services and housing assistance metadata standards since 1997.


AIHW undertook a comprehensive review of the Knowledgebase in consultation with its key stakeholders and users. After seven years of operation it was decided that it was time to replace the system. Reasons for this decision included the need to provide:

Early design work was undertaken based on the ISO/IEC 11179 standard released during 2003. More information on this standard is available on the international standards for metadata and related technologies workgroup and the International Organization for Standardization websites.


AIHW formally specified the requirements for the new repository and prepared content for the METeOR, including:

Synop Pty Ltd was awarded the contract to develop METeOR and developed the system by customising their XML-based content management system.


The development of the first version of METeOR was completed and it was released for general use in March 2005.