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Data dictionaries list metadata standards at a particular point in time. It is no longer common practice to extract data dictionaries from METEOR at regular intervals, however a number of archival data dictionaries for each sector are available below for reference.

To find current metadata standards for each sector, please use METEOR's search filters to find metadata with a status of 'Standard'.

National Health Data Dictionary

National Community Services Data Dictionary

National Housing Assistance Data Dictionary


Knowledgebase was the precursor to METEOR. It was created by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare in 1996 as a web-based repository of Australian health, community services and housing assistance data standards. The structure of Knowledgebase was based on an adaptation of the 1993 version of the international standard for Specification and Standardization of Data Elements (ISO/IEC 11179). It was one of the first examples in the world of such an implementation, and was a world-first for health and community services data standards. It was developed using an Oracle database with a Microsoft Access front-end. Its metadata structure was mainly focused on storing and displaying data elements and data element concepts.

Knowledgebase was decommissioned in early 2005. Existing metadata standards that were stored in Knowledgebase have been converted to PDF files. These PDFs provide a history of the current metadata standards in METEOR. Metadata items that started life in Knowledgebase still link to their historical data standards; for example, Person—diabetes therapy type, code NN is linked to the initial Knowledgebase item Diabetes therapy type, under the Relational attributes section.


This list of acronyms can help you to decipher these older files:

  • ACCNS – Australian Council of Community Nursing Services
  • ANZTC – Australia New Zealand Telehealth Committee
  • DE – Data element
  • DEC – Data element concept
  • Derived DE – Derived data element
  • NCSDC – National Community Services Data Committee
  • NCSDD – National Community Services Data Dictionary
  • NCSIMG – National Community Services Information Management Group
  • NHADD – National Housing Assistance Data Dictionary
  • NHDAMG – National Housing Data Agreement Management Group
  • NHDC – National Health Data Committee
  • NHDD – National Health Data Dictionary
  • NHIMG – National Health Information Management Group


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