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Admission specialty

743327 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
The name used to identify the medicine or surgical area that takes responsibility of an admitted patients on their admission.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Admission ward/clinical area name

743283 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
The name used to identify the organisational unit or organisational arrangement dedicated to the treatment and care of admitted patients on their admission (first ward/clinical area).
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Organisation identifier referred to on separation

743655 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
A sequence of characters which identify an organisation that an admitted patient is referred to on separation.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Public sector estimated cost weights

743948 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
The cost of treating an admitted patient agaisnt AR-DRG code set in public hospitals.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Service Related Group

743352 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
A classification that categorises admitted patient episodes into groups representing clinical divisions of hospital activity, based on aggregations of AR-DRGs.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Service request destination

743510 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
A person or organisation to which a request for a service is sent.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

Specialty referred to on separation

743646 | Property | Department of Health Tasmania
The name used to identify the medicine or surgical area that a referral for care is sent to on separation of an admitted patient.
Standard: Tasmanian Health

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