Unit of measure

The following information is applicable to value domains only.


The item(s) to be measured.


Conditional completion: complete for value domains of representation class Average or Total.

Development rules

Registrars will assign the unit of measure if the desired unit of measure is not available i.e. a new unit of measure must be created by the Registrar.

Valid units of measure are listed in Table 1.

If the value domain is of representation class Average or Total, select a unit of measure using the unit of measure table. If no appropriate category exists, propose a new unit of measure using the notes facility. For value domains of representation class Date or Time, the unit of measure is indicated within the format only.

Only one unit of measure may be selected. For value domains which store a proportional quantity (e.g. milligram per litre) or a combination of units (e.g. hour and minute), state all units as the unit of measure (e.g. milligram per litre; hour and minute).

To propose a new unit of measure, within the propose a new unit of measure text field, state the full name of the unit of measure in singular form, followed by the unit of measure symbol (if one exists) enclosed in parentheses e.g. Gram (g).

Capitalise the first letter of the first word only, except when referring to proper nouns e.g. Degree Celsius.

A unit of measure symbol should be recognised by an International or Australian standard e.g. ISO 1000, International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), and National Measurement Act 1960.

A unit of measure symbol must not symbolise more than one unit of measure within METeOR e.g. m refers to meter, not minute or month This rule does not apply to symbol prefixes (e.g. m also symbolises 0.001 of another unit) and when combined with the unit meter (m), will result in the valid symbol mm.

All unit of measure symbols within METeOR must be consistent e.g. m refers to metre while mm symbolises millimetre.

To assign a unit of measure to the value domain:

  1. Click the drop down menu and select a value from the list.

Table 1: Units of measure classified by measure


Unit of measure name

Unit of measure symbol


Microgram per litre



Microgram per minute



Micromole per litre



Millimetre of mercury



Millimole per litre


  Milligram per millimole


  Milligram per litre



Milligram per 24-hour period


Nanogram per decilitre

Currency Australian currency AU$
Length Centimetre cm
  Millimetre mm
Temperature Degree Celsius  
Time Second s
  Minute min
  Hour h
  Hour and minute  
  Day D


  Year Y
Weight Gram g
  Kilogram Kg
Other Attendance  
  Full-time equivalent (FTE) staff  
  Group session  
  Occasion of service  
  Service contact  
  Service contact date  
  Service event  
  Standard drink  
  Tenancy agreement  
  Tenancy/rental unit  

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