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Download as Acrobat document

METeOR allows you to download items as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. The resulting output can be opened in Adobe® Reader® version 3 or above. If you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, clicking on one of the links below will automatically open the document in Adobe Reader. You can save a copy of the document to your computer by clicking on the Save a Copy button in the Adobe Reader navigation bar. If you do not have Adobe Reader, the latest version is available as a free download from or by clicking on the icon below. Alternatively, you can return to the previous page and select to produce the output document as a Word document.

Please note our comments about the quality of PDF documents available from METeOR.

Would you like the document to present the data set specification in long or short form? Long form DSS documents include all related data elements extracted along with the DSS while the short form document contains the DSS item only. Both download options are presented in a User friendly format, and only include items with direct relationships to the data set specification. When downloaded in long form, the user friendly format is presented alphabetically by item type, rather than hierarchically.

Short form - includes information for this data set specification only.

Indigenous primary health care DSS 2012-14.pdf

Long form - includes information for this data set specification and data elements contained with the DSS.

Indigenous primary health care DSS 2012-14.pdf