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Health sector approval process

The following national committees play key roles in the development and endorsement of national metadata standards for the Australian health sector.

National Health Information and Performance Principal Committee (NHIPPC)

NHIPPC reports to the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council (AHMAC) and, through AHMAC, to the Standing Council on Health (SCoH).

NHIPPC has overall responsibility for advising AHMAC on information strategies, and for facilitating collaboration between the Australian Government and states and territories to implement these strategies.

NHIPPC has a sub-committee, the National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee (NHISSC).  

National Health Information Standards and Statistics Committee (NHISSC)

NHISSC is responsible for overseeing the development of, and recommending to NHIPPC endorsement of:

  • data standards for inclusion in the National health data dictionary (NHDD)
  • mandatory national minimum data sets for national implementation
  • best practice data set specifications for inclusion in the NHDD.

NHISSC is also responsible for providing advice on the technical aspects of national performance indicator specifications.